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hybrid organization / n. an organization that mixes elements, value systems and action logics of various sectors of society, which leads to tensions. These tensions can have positive and negative effects for the organization, her principals and customers. Hybridity simultaneously provides opportunities and poses risks.

Hybrid Organizations: Heads and tails

Times of financial austerity force government to reconsider its role in public service provision. Simultaneously, public expectations remain high as we have lost trust in the market as a viable alternative.

At this time, hybrid organizations such as quangos and social enterprises could be a viable middle ground between state, market and society. However, these hybrids are often mistrusted. Whereas its advocates believe that introducing entrepreneurial values into public service provision will create synergy, critics of hybridity fear corruption and value clashes. So far we lack a proper basis for both claims, as academic research on hybrid organizations is scarce.

Dr. Philip Marcel Karré conducts research on hybrid organizations, the opportunities and risks of introducing hybridity in public service provision and publishes about these subjects. On this website you will find information about this research and his other work. You can also download several publications and contact the autor via the contact page.